Think back to your childhood when candy was a food group that frequented your diet and one of the most popular sweets amongst the rotation was Bubblicious Bubble Gum. I have no doubt that the nostalgic flavor instantly comes to mind, but it’s the unforgettable hue I am here to discuss with you today. That very specific bright pink is a color that, believe it or not, proved to be one of the biggest color trends amongst the spring/summer collections. The hues varied from light to dark, but the overall tone rings true to that classic bubble gum we all used to chomp on as children. 


Season after season, we seem to be talking about the latest iteration of the choker or the statement earring, but now there’s a fresh jewelry trend every fashion insider will want to wear for spring: long necklaces. From big, sculptural pendants at Jil Sander to suspended figurines at Bevza to layers of chains and pearls at Chanel, there were plenty of takes on the trend but one thing is clear: It’s all about the draped-jewelry look.

Sure, house shoes may have once been reserved for home, but according to designers, we’ll actually be wearing them just about everywhere. From fuzzy slippers to braided leather slides to chunky platforms, plan on making these comfortable shoes a permanent part of your wardrobe. You can keep wearing them with all of your sweatpants, but also with flowy dresses and slouchy tailoring as we spotted at Molly Goddard and Balenciaga.

Remember when track pants were one of the most talked-about and worn trends? Well, they are back along with a handful of other sporty pieces that dominated the runways. Some of the key players amongst this overall sports theme include bike shorts, sporty sunnies, hoodies, and the beloved tracksuit. Consider this trend a step in a new direction when it comes to your loungewear assortment since it’s looking like leggings and pajamas are going to continue to be the norm for a little while longer.   


Summer Vibes

If you're pretty much over winter and the fact that it's still super freezing out, you're not alone. Even though it's March and it's slowly but surely getting warmer out (ugh, finally), we still have a few months to go until it's officially summer. But you might already be on the hunt for all the bathing suits and summery dresses you're going to be wearing once the weather is nothing but blue skies and sun. Hey, whatever gives you something to look forward to these days—go for it!